1482061694_2Maroons lasted about 15 days on Bleeker Street this fall.  Rare moved into the space a few months ago.  Rare as in burgers a variety of ways.

School ended early today.  We couldn’t decide where to go and the boys ( josh and his buddy) wanted burgers so we decided we would try Rare. 

This is the second Rare restaurant in the city.  The first location is in Murray Hill. 

Nice simple restaurant.  Bar has a tv, the NCAA final four was playing, no volume.  The music is loud but not too loud.  Everything from Elvis Presley to Chubby Checkers to Neil Young.  Like a best of play list. 

Burgers in abundance.  Regular, cheese, bison, tuna, turkey etc.  There are salads too but I stayed with a burger.  There are a variety of extras for $1.50 a pop.  Caramelized onions, cheeses, bacon, mushrooms etc.  Also 3 types of fries.  French fries, sweet potato fries and cottage fries.  I was hankering for the beer battered onion fries but I passed. 

We all ordered burgers and a basket of fries.  That basket includes all of the 3 types.  I ordered a rare burger.  Rare is exactly what I got.  Perfect.  The meat was good.  A good solid burger.  The fries are crispy.  I especially liked the sweet potato fries that were crunchy and chewy at the same time.  I had to push them away.  I actually should have ordered a tall beer to go with the meal.  That is exactly what this meal is calling for.

Rare is a bar with seating and good food.  Great burger.

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  1. Stan

    No wonder NY’ers are so thin and fit.