Rogue Wave and Nada Surf

Rogue Wave and Nada Surf played last night at Webster Hall.  What an incredible evening.  They are both on the road together with another performer who I can’t recall the name of.  She wasn’t that great. 
I am so glad that we got tickets to see this show.

Jessica and I went for a date night.  She might have been the youngest person there and maybe I was the oldest. 

RogueThe first act came out at 9 and played until about 9:45.  Rogue Wave came on at 10pm.  The lead singer rocks.  He has an incredible voice.  The drum player is multi-talented.  He plays drums, key boards and guitar.  They were having a blast together on stage.  Really good. This is a picture of Rogue Wave on the left. 

Nada Surf came on about 11:15.  Wow.  I have always liked these guys and now I like them more.  Some bands are just great live.  They know how to perform to the audience.  This group all grew in NYC.  They told some great stories about Webster Hall previously The Ritz in its other life.  The drummer said he lost his virginity to someone he met at the Ritz in 1982.  The lead singer, who is Matthew Caws, just rocks.  His voice is great and he commands the audience. 

One of the highlights was one they sang "Inside of Love".  Matthew asked the audience to do a dance stepNada while they sang this song.  It was fun to watch the audience move back and forth in step to this song.  We sat up overlooking the audience.  The other highlight was when they sang"Blankest Year" all of Rogue Wave and the first band came up on stage and danced around them, having their own party and also sang with them too.  It was fantastic.  They all looked like they were having a fantastic time up there. 

We stayed until 12:30.  It was late.  I would have stayed until closing time but unfortunately it was a school night and that was not happening.  I am still walking on air today.  What an awesome concert. 

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  1. dand

    who takes their kids out past midnight on a schoool night??? not sure i’ve ever heard of this before.