Sun Valley Airport

I have ranted on about this in the past.  Homeland security at the Airports.  If you go to parts of Europe or Asia, you will note that they own the equipment that scans everything so they do not need to go through the ridiculous procedures that we opt for in the states.

Idaho, being a very red state, must be big backers of the George Bush security plan.  Sun Valley is one of the smaller airports that I have ever been in.  Actually, it could go head to head with

They recommend that you check in 90 minutes in advance which they keep blasting over the loud speakers.   That is comical considering the biggest jet flying out of there carries about 15 people.  They also make you go through a variety of check points.

They rip apart every 4th piece of luggage from what I saw.  The guy was literally going through each book, each make up bag, opening up my Vaseline in my make up bag.  Then when you go through security to wait for the plane, you have to literally undress.  Then they put a few things through another machine just to make sure.  Is it that they have nothing better to do?

Believe me, I am as interested as the next guy in having a safe flight but sometimes I truly wonder about our systems.