10 year old’s perception

Josh and I had a hot date last night.  We went to Esca for dinner and then to see the Pajama Game.  He loved both. 

We chatted with David Pasternack, the chef,  when we left.  Josh told him that he thought that the Italian sushi could be a little less salty otherwise everything was really good.  You gotta love it. 

But the best line of the evening was when we were talking about weight.  Josh asked me why do all Jewish girls want to lose weight?  He wanted to know if it was to be skinny for the Rabbi.  I got a good chuckle out of that.  I told him it was our hearty Eastern European builds with the desire to look fashionable or maybe it was the neurosis of weight and looks passed down from generation to generation.  His guess was as good as mine.

He thought about it and also declared that he found that most of the Jewish women he knew were  incredibly efficient.  Then he rattled off all of their names.

Interesting perspective from a 10 year old eyes.