School Auctions

Buttonba2006There is nothing quite like a school auction to get a community jazzed.  Our school is on a trajectory upward.  It is really fun to be part of it.  I like to compare it to a start-up company.  We have finally got out of the box and our product is running full steam ahead.  Everyone is psyched.  You can’t beat it. 

Last night we went to the annual auction at the kids school, LREI.  It was so exciting.  Our school is incredibly diverse across the board.  So, having an event where everyone in the school feels like they are part of of the whole is hard to pull off. 

Most school auctions raise money for the financial success of the school be it scholarships, operating budget or endowment.  Private schools count on this money.  Money from private school comes from the families that attend and the families that still feel connected to the school and are gracious enough to write a check every year in support.  Hence, auctions are key.  Successful auctions are not only about how much money you raised that night but also about how the community feels when they wake up the next morning.

This year, our school definitely had a lot of happy faces walking to school this morning.