The Food Bank

Logo_middle_1Sometimes we go to friend’s fundraisers and other times we just send in some support, that would be financial support.  Last night we went. 

The Food Bank for New York City had their annual fundraiser last night.  Their mission is to provide food to the cities hungry people.  They coordinate the procurement of food from different organizations around the city.  They also raise private money to make this happen.  They distribute the food through pantries, soup kitchens etc.  It is an organization that every city needs. 

The board is diverse which I really like.  There are obviously people involved from the food industry but also the business community too. 

Our friends, husband and wife, happen to chair the event last night.  He sits on the board.  He is a big celebrity so his reach out to their food and friends community truly helps this organization pack a big punch at the annual fundraiser.

I met a few bigwigs last night which is always fun but I did have a favorite incident which I will share.

I met Rachael Ray.  She is absolutely adorable.  Her energy level is incredible.  I was introduced and the first thing she says to me is "omigod, your jacket, I own that jacket" and she gives me a high five.  It was hilarious.  Then she proceeds to tell me how often I will wear the jacket and with what.  She gives me a huge hug.  Could not have been more delightful.  What you see is what you get.  She’s charming, cute and looks like an all American girl.  Not a skinny girl but a regular girl.  I love it!  I am her newest fan.

I hope to go again next year.  From what I understand, Patti Smith got on stage later in the evening and started singing to the audience.  Unfortunately at that time, I was off in the land of nod.

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