The Pajama Game

H2_pgbody_bMy sister was working for Sony Records when they signed Harry Connick Jr.  He was a  young kid from New Orleans from a well known political family in the Bayou.  He had been playing the piano since he was a kid with various jazz musicians.  He came to New York with his high school girl friend in tow.  He was going to be the new Frank Sinatra.  Years later, the girl friend was dropped, a model came on to the scene and now he is married with kids and lives in Connecticut. 

I was invited, thanks to my sister, to a small intimate gathering of Sony executives when they signed Harry.  He played a small concert for us at the Algonquin Room.  It was spectacular and memorable.  This guy reeked of talent. 

After seeing him last night in the Pajama Game he confirmed for me that talents in one area don’t necessarily translate to other skills.  He might be have an awesome voice and play the piano like a champ but his acting abilities are high school level at best.  He is painful to watch.  He is concentrating so hard to get the dance numbers right and act that he doesn’t connect with anyone on stage.  He doesn’t look like he is having fun.

The good news is that the production is really well done.  All of the other actors, my guess are veteran Broadway performers.  They are really good.  The dancing is great.  They all look like they are having a great time. 

Kelli O’Hara, who plays Babe, the side kick to Harry’s character, Sid, looks more and more frustrated as each act unfolds.  She is obviously holding him up. 

The play is sold out.  Perhaps the production will continue on Broadway but I highly recommend replacing Harry with someone who could play Sid as Sid deserves to be played.