Through the wonderful world of the Internet, we have made friends everywhere.  Fred and Josh took in a Suns game when were in Arizona due to someone that reads Fred’s blog.  We listen to a podcast called Mass Hysteria which is a great show outside of Boston by Paul and Janine.  Good music, funny banter.  They found ours, Positively 10th Street, which we have been very remiss about lately.  In the world of Blogs and Podcasts, we link to each other.  So, we found some new friends. 

Paul sent me and Fred an email about a friend of his, Dave Kahng.  Dave has come up with the ultimate umbrella.  It is sturdy, high end and fits into a briefcase.  He has boot strapped his company and would either of us be interested in giving Dave some advice.  I took him up on it. 

I was a former retailer and wholesaler so I have an interesting perspective after seeing the world from both sides.  Dave asked me a million questions about selling, mark-up, shipping, etc.  The retail jargon.  I had such a great time talking to him and hoped that my experience would help in the success of his company.

He got an order from Bloomingdales and Takashamaya this week.  I am thrilled for him.  I have never met Dave or Paul or Janine face to face, but it is a pretty amazing thing how through the medium of the web, we have found new friends.

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  1. Paul

    This is truly awesome. I’ll give you a big hug when I finally meet you! I read this on your blog Thursday afternoon on my mobile phone. I heard about this success through your blog before Dave even had a chance to tell me himself. 🙂 so I called him up to congratulate him. He’s definitely appreciateive of your advice, as I’m sure you know!
    Thanks Gotham Gal!