A New Photo Booth

0053Emily was bat mitzvah’d this weekend.  It was an incredible day.  She rocked.  The celebration that evening was a blast. 

One of the activities for the kids and adults was a new photo booth. I found this fantastic new type of photo booth a few months ago.  Mark Van S.  created a large open photo booth where you take your own picture.  The picture immediately comes up on a large screen(we provided) for everyone to view.  The pics continue to be part of the loop of pictures taken during the night.  Also, a copy of the photo is printed out at the same time.  It is brilliant because the lighting makes everyone look good. It is fun to see what people do when they have control of their own picture.  See Josh and Emily on the left.

Mark is great to work with.  Everyone loved it.  My guess is a lot of people took his card.  All the pictures are already up on the web.  All the kids immediately took their pics and posted them on My Space.  Love that.