Damn, A lot of time has passed

Today we did a podcast with 2 special guests.  Josh Harris and Jason Calacanis. 

I have always been a big fan of Josh.  He is incredibly smart.  A big thinker and very visionary.  He gets the arts but he is also extremely analytical.  He has a very proven track record.  Some of his ideas he didn’t execute on but others did (not because they talked with Josh but because eventually everyone got there  – Josh saw it months if not years ahead) and most times he was right on the money.  Josh also saw the whole reality tv too.  In 1999 Josh put 36 cameras in his apartment and you could watch him 24 hours a day on the web.  As for podcasting,  I remember sitting around on Friday evenings in early 1998 and listening to steaming media podcasts.  But he was doing that even in 1995. It seems like yesterday.

I worked with Jason.  I was the second person at Silicon Alley Reporter where Jason tested out his entrepreneurial legs.  He is quite the character.  Smart and scappy.  Huge ego but hey, that is probably a key to his success.  If you throw Jason out of a 9th floor window, he’d end up on his feet.  He is just at the beginning of many ventures down the line.

The 2 of them came over this morning to catch up and do a podcast.  It was really fun and great to see them both.  All and all a good way to spend the morning of Mother’s Day.  No music but great chat.

Enjoy.  If you want Fred’s input, go to his blog.  To listen live, click here.