Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin opened up on West 4th Street a few years back.  There are a few restaurants on West 4th Street between Charles and Perry.  It is nice in the summer because everyone has outdoor seating.  I have been to all of them except for Extra Virgin.  Last night, I got finally got there.

When it opened I asked my friend how it was who had been there.  Her reply still stands perfect today.  "It is a good neighborhood place.  I wouldn’t go out of my way. " 

The salads are simple.  Good spicy vinaigrette.  The menu is small but something for everyone.  The portions are not huge.  I had the grilled sea bass which was good with a nice presentation.  Every-ones plates looked really nice.  The service is slow which is typical of a neighborhood haunt.  Why, I am never sure but I guess so you can just settle in an enjoy. 

I am not sure I’d pick it over the other restaurants in that area but if someone asked me to meet me there for a drink and maybe a bite, sure why not.  But, if you are making an effort to go check out Extra Virgin, don’t.  They  have done a good solid job and it will probably be around for a long time.