Happy Mother’s Day

146389035_1c09c97eba1Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  A silly holiday but if you are a mother, take full advantage.  Every year I get a fantastic gift.  The majority of my jewelry comes from mother’s day and birthdays.  This year I was expecting the same thing but low and beyond I was blown away with this gift.  I got a brand new spanking red Vespa for cutting up the town.  Psyched is an understatement.  My whole world is going to change.  I took each kid out for a ride around the town.  It is so sweet!

Comments (Archived):

  1. Charlie

    Great…. one more vehicle on the road for me to watch out for on my bike. 🙂

  2. ben barren

    that is waaaay tooo kewl. do u need a license in NY to drive (u do in australia melbourne, even for a 49cc) ohh beautiful vespa. u didnt say what model ? but the red vespa – how mod / paul weller / hot 🙂 bb

  3. Ann

    You are totally soo spoiled…!

  4. Jim Fobes

    Hell, all I gave my wife was a pair of diamond earrings, but if I had thought more about it i would have given her a Kubota 3200 tractor. Nice Vespa, JoAnne, no keep both wheels on the pavement at the same time.

    Jim Forbes

  5. Jonathan

    Here is a link to some info on NYS motorcycle licenses. You need to pass the written test before taking a road test. You can waive the road test if you take a 2 day practical motorcycle saftey course sponsored by MANYS (Motorcycle Association of New York State). These courses include road work and tests and are given, primarily, outside of Manhattan. They supply the motorcycles.

    I took the course somewhere in Queens and found it very helpful. I had a red Vespa, just like your’s, when I lived in London. I thought I would do the same in Manhattan, but changed my mind when I got a new job 30 blocks from my house. I also realized that NYC roads are much worse than London roads and the drivers here are oblivious to motorcycles. The most important lesson you can learn is to figure out when you are in someone’s blind spot. If they don’t see you, you are in trouble. The second lesson is to not depend only on your mirrors. Always look before turning, just as you would in a car. Your helmet restricts your vision far more than you realize. Have fun!