Platters_3My friend asked me how I cater the parties that we throw for fundraisers or school events.  I said that I did it.  It is easy and the truth is I find the whole experience of getting ready during the day cathartic.  Also, I think your guests find that the personal touch is nice. She asked, "could you send me some pictures of what it looks like"?  So, here it is.

This is what I buy for about 50 – 60 noshing people.  4-5 hunks of cheese in 1/2 or one lb. chunks, bunch of red and green grapes, 1 lb. sun dried tomatoes, 1 lb. cornichons, 1 lb. mixed pitted olives, 1 lb. piccadew peppers, 2 baguettes, 2 boxes of crackers, one large round loaf of bread, bag of small carrots, one box grapes tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, celery, 3 red peppers, a couple of boxes of cheese sticks, a bowlful of oranges or clementines, 2-3 types of salami sliced, 1 lb. prosciutto sliced, one honeydew melon, Knorr’s vegetable dip and the fixings to make it.  I think I had some strawberries around to add for decor. That is about it not including liquor, seltzer, etc.

The key is filling up the platters so the only thing you see is food.  Be creative.  I use a basket for put the vegetables and round bread in (scooped out and filled with the dip).  Sometimes the best part of an event is getting ready.