Peter Dayton

Main_imageWe purchased a piece of Peter Dayton‘s work at Winston Wachter over 6 years ago, actually 7.  We were so lucky to have met Peter, his wife Barbara and 2 cute kids a few years later and become friends. We have been fortunate to watch Peter’s work grow over the years. 

Peter’s work is so different than anything else I have ever seen.  Decoupage flowers from seed packages, blown up, duplicated on a large canvas and encased in a polyurethane.  He is incredibly prolific.  I have seen other work of his that is very stark and other that is like a 60’s acid trip.  Peter was also in a punk rock band in the early 80’s in Boston and has now returned to the roots of rock and roll and in another band which is pretty cool.  His new work, which I saw last night at Winston Wachter is of surfboards.  Fitting since Peter and his family reside in East Hampton.

It is wonderful to see his work continue to grow and be able to applaud his successes on the sidelines, because we know him.   If you get a chance, go check out his show.  It will definitely put you in that summer mode.