The Dem’s

SchumerFundraising for the Democrats has it’s pros and cons.  The con is trying to get people to give money.  It is money straight from your pocket.  No tax deduction, no nothing.  The pro is getting people together to meet the candidates and feel like you are going to make a difference.  The pro always gets me.

We had an event last night to raise campaign money for Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Sherrod Brown of Ohio.  Both hopeful Senator candidates.  Both of these candidates were wonderful. 

Senator Chuck Schumer
kicked off the evening giving a passionate speech about the need for change in our Government  and the opportunities for the Democrats.  He was fiery last night. 

ClaireClaire has an incredible air about her.  She is passionate.  She sticks to what she believes in.  She is tough and has lots of charisma.  My guess is that we will all hear more about Claire McCaskill in the future.  She could give Hilary a run for her money.  Truly.  I’d be first in line to back her up.

Sherrod was also good.  He talked a lot about the issues he faces in Ohio.  He was a bit more long winded but he was passionate about his state and the need for change.  Impressive.

Their audience here was passionate too.  Lots of questions with succinct and intelligent answers from the candidates.  Very interactive.  I think the candidate would have stayed all night if their handlersSherrod would have let them.

Andy Ostroy, who was at our house last night, wrote a great blog on the event.  A political blog worth reading. 

If you really want the Democrats to take back the Senate this year, send in a contribution to either of these candidates.  Whether we like it or not, it is impossible to get elected without money in the coffers.  As a whole I am pretty discouraged with the entire political process, Republican and Democrats alike.  But I realize that the Democrats represent what I am about.  Presently we have a 2 party system and I am going to support the party that I believe is our future regardless of the process.  Then of course, until someone comes up with something better.

I was encouraged by these 2 Senator hopefuls last night.  It is time for a change.  My mantra is ENOUGH, Vote Democrat.

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  1. Callie

    Thanks for helping us Ohio folks!

  2. Jim Fobes

    Please dear lady,
    get someone in New York to beg Bob Kerrey to come out of political retirement. Based on what I’ve seen over the years, Bob Kerrey is the one Democrat who can pull the party together and lead the grass roots campaign that’s necessary to revitalize the Demo Party.

    A devoted reader in CA,
    Jim Forbes

  3. p.l.k.

    I think ENOUGH should be everyone’s mantra who is breathing. When is enough going to be enough??!!! Are people blind??? or just not paying attention?!