268978809Bruce Springsteen probably enjoys entertaining the crowd more than any performer I have ever seen.  He his having so much fun on the stage that the audience becomes mesmerized. 

We Shall Overcome, The Pete Seeger Sessions, Bruce’s latest CD, has had a lot of airplay at our house.  After all, our kids to go LREI where Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Bob Dylan are the lords of music.  Part of the curriculum is learning all the anti-war songs starting at age 4.  How could you not love this cd?

Bruce’s band was big.  Fiddles, singers, banjos, brass players, all good.  Fred saw the show twice.  Once up in Saratoga Springs, outside.  I wish I had seen that vs. the Garden.  This particular concert would have been great in an outdoor arena, sitting on blanket, eating fried chicken and drinking wine. 

A Cd worth picking up, young or old.  My mother wants to pick it up.  I think I’ll download it for her on her iPod.