Class of 2006

HatsThere is nothing quite like going to a high school graduation.  Excitement in the audience.  The look of complete bliss in each of the Seniors faces.  They are growing up and moving on.  College is generally on the horizon.  Living on their own, moving to another place, the beginnings of their adult life. 

Today was graduation day at LREI where I have the honored pleasure of sitting on the Board of Trustees.  Graduation is the highlight of the year.  As the board strives continually to create the best learning environment for our school’s mission, watching the kids graduate is the ultimate thrill. 

Our school is diverse.  There were musicians, comic writers, dancers, film makers, politicians, potential doctors, book writers, painters, chefs in this class.  Many had already taken college classes and worked as professionals in their prospective fields.  Quite impressive.  Some first time graduates of their families.  Really wonderful.

Congratulations to the LREI class of 2006.  Richard Adjmi, Rebecca Albert, Sarah Arden, Deborah Asseraf, Alexander Coles, Sarah Corrales, Lily Feinn, Carrie Finkelstein, Chad Gholizadeh, Adriana Glover, Joshua Hahn, Peter Hempel, Michelle Herrera, Sasha Mishkin, Daniel Orlin, Chloe Paraskeva, Javier Picayo, Magnolia Porter, Michael Potecha, Amy Rodriguez, Genesis Sanabria, Jonathan Schneier, Roosevelt Smith, Nina Spinelli, Ciri Stowell, Robert Tawil, Ashley Townsend, Raymond Weiss, Luis Sanchez, Xi Zhang, we all wait with baited breath to see what you do next.