I HATE Street Fairs

I would consider voting for a mayor that had one platform, all street fairs will be banned during my administration.  I hate them. 

First of all, they create awful traffic.  Second, there is nothing that differentiates one from the other.  They all have the same food, the same vendors, the same crap.  I can understand for instance the 9th avenue street fair.  All the local vendors come out to serve up their food.  I am not a fan but do have an appreciation for the event.  Otherwise, I have no appreciation or understanding.  Also, who gives out all those permits?  Does anyone in the local Government consider the traffic, noise and congestion ramifications?

Today, after a nice weekend with Emily and her 3 pals, we drive back into the city from the ends of Long Island.  No traffic, per se.  It was a nice easy drive.  All of a sudden as we are about to come over the LIE to the Midtown tunnel – I’d say we were about a mile from the tunnel – there is a wall of cars.  Why?  Crawling is an understatement.  It takes us 45 minutes from there to get through the midtown tunnel on a Sunday afternoon.  I dawns on me as we come through the tunnel that there must be a street fair.  Sure enough.  We make a right down second avenue and there it is.  2nd avenue between 23rd and 34th has a street fair.  What a stupid location, any day.  It affects the flow of traffic getting in and out of the city.  You would think someone would give that thought.  Obviously not.

I ban street fairs.  I won’t even buy our kids a drink if we are passing one.  They go under the category of city pests like rats, pigeons and cockroaches.