Noodle Bar

Noodle_barI watched the Noodle Bar open.  I heard it was really good.  School ended yesterday at noon and I made the executive decision that I was taking Josh and his pal out for lunch at the Noodle Bar.  Nice call!

What a great find.  The restaurant opens to the street.  There is a long wrap around bar so you can watch the food being made.  The place is sparkling clean.  The menu is good.  Salads, appetizers, soups, noodles and desserts.  There are also about 3 tables in the front for seating.  I love the long bar.  We struck up a conversation with someone who just sat down for lunch and wanted to know what was good that we were eating.  He ordered the exact same thing. 

The biggest treat by far is taking Josh’s friend.  His tastes in food are simple.  He laughs that we always take him somewhere where he must try new food.  He went with us yesterday and tried the deep fried sesame chicken wings covered in a tasty pineapple mango sauce – he loved them.  Also, the dumplings which are fried but still soft and warm.  Inside is a chive pork mixture which is perfectly cooked.  The dumpling literally melts in your mouth. He talked about the dumpling the rest of the day.  A new dumpling aficionado.

We also had the pad Thai with chicken and sesame noodles.  All good.  I am absolutely returning toNoodle_bar_1 check out some more items on the menu.  We stuck with the basics due to my companions but everything coming out of the kitchen looked good.  It reminded me of being on the streets of Thailand.  Inexpensive too.  Everything is about $5 – 7 a plate.

High fives on the Noodle Bar.   The small intimate restaurants where you can actually talk to the cook and see what is coming out of the kitchen the same time as they do seems to be the trend.  Perhaps a back lash to the large restaurants where there is no personalization.  I am looking forward to spending the summer checking out all the tiny places and giving a full report.

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  1. just reading

    Sounds great! Where is it?

  2. steve

    maybe the best dumplings ever. wings to die for and just a gret mellow place to chow some wonderful simple, tastey food.