I pass Shopsin’s at least a few times a week. Haven’t been in for many many years.  Not sure why.  Today Fred and I were looking for a bite to each in that area and decided to walk in. 

A total dive diner with children’s toys everywhere, tables yet to be cleaned up from the morning rush.  Our waiter was totally mellow.  The coffee was serve yourself.  The menu has hundreds of different entrees for lunch, breakfast and dinner.  It is a tad overwhelming.  Lots of duplication actually in different forms but still. 

Fred wondered what should he order?  What was good here?  I laughed.  Just pick what you want.  I had scrambled eggs with arugula, melted Gruyere and chunks of avocado and a toasted baguette on the side.  Excellent.  Fred had a spicy chicken avocado Thai salad.  Also excellent.  Hmmm.  Maybe we just ordered right or more to the point, Shopsin is one helluva a cook.  He loves to cook, loves the food and has no problem whipping up whatever you desire from the menu.

Shopsin is a somewhat pleasant burly guy.  I talked to him en route to the bathroom.  As we left, another waiter told us that we could take whatever we wanted from the different dime store candies that are stacked in a shelf.  It comes with the meal.  We both chose a peppermint patty.  The other waiter opted to have one himself and then preceded to talk about how he preferred his candy like this frozen.  He has recently been turned on to frozen bananas. "You just wrap them up in plastic wrap, unpeeled and toss them in the freezer.  They are fantastic when you are stoned."  Damn do I love Greenwich Village.

We left, totally happy and satisfied and said hello to the elderly Italians who like to camp out in lawn chairs in front of Downing Street Park on Carmine.  Lots happening on that street.  Many good restaurants, totally local.  Made us both appreciate our neighborhood more than we did before we sat down for lunch at Shopsins.

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  1. cobblestonelover

    too bad you can’t bring the whole family – you’d violate the “no parties of 5” rule!