The Circle of Life

Today was our first funeral, besides my Mom’s husband who passed away over a year ago, of our friends parents. The news of his passing came as such a shock to everyone.  You are never prepared but this, to me and everyone, it came out of nowhere.  Irv was 76, had a history of heart problems and it was his day to go.

He was a wonderful man.  He was at every basketball, soccer and baseball game of his grandson.  He touched everyone.  He loved life to the fullest.  He was an old time New Yorker who grew up in Brighton Beach and then raised his family in Yonkers.  He was a mensch.  I saw him at least once a week at the annual sporting events.  I looked forward to seeing him.  The 10 year old boys all loved him.  He was there Grandpa too.  He loved his sons like no other.  He respected everyone for who they were.  Maybe it was because he had problems with his heart for the past 20 years but in essence, he lived each day as if it was his last.  He was a role model for all of us. 

The funeral was standing room only.  I sobbed through each touching eulogy from each of his sons and his friends.  He made an impact in so many lives. 

When I told the kids about his sudden death, they all cried.  Josh said, it is the circle of life.  He had a great life and it was his time.  How did he get to be so worldly for a 10 year old?  He made me think about the circle of life during the service.  This was the first person among my peers of their and our parents passing away.  Then, we are next in line. 

Being younger, you think you will live for eternity.  But it is an amazing thing how time just flies by.  Now we have a daughter who will go off to college in 3 years.  When did that happen? 

At the funeral, Josh cried and so did his friends.  The beautiful words from their friends father touched their hearts.  It reminded them of what a wonderful man Irv was and how he  touched each of their lives at such as young age.  I am sure the whole day made an impact.  It certainly made an impact on me.

Enjoy each day to the fullest.  Embrace life.  Appreciate your friends and family.  Breathe it all in. 
I am so sad to see Irv leave this world but am incredibly glad that we had the honor of being a very small  part of his life. 

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  1. stephen fried

    jo, wow! thanks for sharing this “circle of life” piece on your blog. I was very moved reading it and you are right, my pop was a very special man who loved life, loved all of my friends, my sons friends, his friends and family and was the real thing. No bullshit. Pasionate, loving, sensitive, funny, happy; I think he’s resting now in a peaceful place and I believe he is out there seeing and hearing all the love and admiration that has been and continues to poor out to him and his family. He will be missed.