The Eels

166806682_79e2a35b0b_mI am so glad we went.  Although we had kids all over the town.  Josh was home with his pal, Emily was at the Liberty game with 3 other girls, doing dinner too and Jessica was at our house with loads of kids and then out for dinner and the after school parties.  Should we stay home and monitor the home front?  Hmmm.  We opted for taking a quick spin, on the Vespa, of course, down to the concert.  Good call.

Nothing like a free concert to kick off the summer.  The weather was beautiful.  The  Eels played at the World Financial Center.  American Express is the premier sponsor of the River to River Festival.  You can go to the website and see all the free events.

The Eels really rocked.  They were wearing army attire.  Plus one of the members of the band was wearing a black security t-shirt.  An interesting statement from a very eclectic band.  When Fred and I  saw them last time at Town Hall, it was a totally different concert, almost like theater. Fred wrote about that on his blog today.  Yesterday was a serious rock concert.  They ended the performance with of my favorite tunes, I Like Birds, with 2 rocking teenagers (friends of the band).

Short and sweet, a wonderful kick off.  I’ll be looking for more concerts down there this summer.

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  1. fred

    E is a genius, a mad genius!