Word Play

I have been doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle for roughly 25 years.  My day is really not complete without completing the crossword.  Even when we are traveling, it is essential to find the crossword.  A few of my friends are addicts too.  My brother, sister, mother and father also do the crossword daily.  We can always count on each other for a little help if needed.  Yes, we like boggle and scrabble too.

The movie Word Play is about people who do the Crossword and the annual Crossword Tournament held at the Marriot in Stamford, CT in early March.  I loved the film.  There are interviews with Will Shortz ( NYTimes editor of the Crossword ), Bill Clinton ( an avid crossword doer ), Jon Stewart ( who knew he did the crossword), Makers of Crosswords, Editors of Crosswords, Winners and Losers of the Crossword Tournament, People at the Crossword Tournament ( a rare tribe of people). 

My best buddy, who’s husband is an avid Crossword fan ( he actually is one of the best and I think could make a run in Stamford), was intrigued with the film.  It gave her some insight into the whole thing.  What was interesting is the amount of lefties in the film.  Also, musicians and mathematicians were abundant.  It is connected to how ones mind thinks. 

The other documentary I saw this past week was The Heart of the Game.  In Seattle, a girls basketball team and their coach.  What a great film.  Inspiring.  The level of play was good but at the end of the day, it is all about the coach.  His positive reinforcement challenged this group of girls to levels that they never thought they could achieve.  I am not sure he knew anymore about the actual game than any other High School coach but what he had was an incredible ability to coach.  There is more to the movie that says something about how women and men are looked at differently by colleges and the divisional heads which is worth discussing too.  But, anyone who coaches, should go see this flick.

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  1. Peter


    You (and your kids) should check out the NYC Boggle Group. Every month 30 or 40 people get together and play Boggle for fun.

    Very low key, very fun, very random, and very “only in New York”.



  2. Dory

    Ya know, I knew there was a reason I like reading Gotham Gal!