An Inconvenient Truth

Posterthumb_1Fred and I went to see an Inconvenient Truth this weekend.  Great name for this documentary.  Information about our planet and what we are doing to it is driven home pretty hard.  Interesting statistical information. 

Al Gore, is Al Gore.  I know that seems really vague but if you ever saw Al speak when he ran for President or even when he was VP, there is a stiff quality to him.  He does seem more at ease than he has in years.  Certainly the topic about Global Warming is something he has been interested in since the early 70’s so his knowledge base is pretty vast and he talks easily about the topic.

Fred’s post on the the movie are my thoughts exactly.  Someone should take this film, cut it down to a 30 minute movie and distribute it to every school in America.  I’d like to see that done with Super Size Me too.  You can’t help but look at the information and ask youself some questions.  Questions among children and adults, regardless of what you think, create awareness. 

Maybe the Gates Foundation would be interested funding the distribution?

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  1. John Dodds

    Why not just distribute his TED talk?