Bondi Beach

The Lower East Side continues to amaze me.  New places daily.  Some good, some not so good.  Mostly young hipsters.  Sort of like the East Village around 1985. 

Bondi_beachWe met our friends at a new haunt, Bondi Beach.  Located on Rivington.  The restaurant is like their website.  Not finished.  There isn’t even an address.  Supposedly the restaurant has been open about a month but they still aren’t really serving food.  Well, they do have a $25 tasting menu but that is the only thing you can order and the food looks suspect. 

Great beach look inside on the walls.  The tables are all high.  Sort of like sitting at the bar but sitting with your friends at your own table.  A bit too high actually.  Drinks are available.  They take their time serving them.  My gut tells me that Eater should put Bondi Beach on death watch before they even get off the ground. 

Maybe it is the surfer thing, they don’t really seem that motivated to get off the wave and into business.