I Love this town

Sunday was a day where we had no kids and the city was at our finger tips.  What fun!

We began our day at 1:30 in the afternoon.  That alone was a joy.  We had lunch at Little Owl, my new favorite haunt.  All good.  Omelets with mushrooms and shaved truffles, english bangers, scrambled eggs with chorizo and asparagus, fruit salad and of course a few bottles of rose wine.  They could add to the menu a basket of breads and muffins…just a suggestion. 

Afterwards we drove up town to see the 75th year show at the Whitney.  So glad we went.  3 floors of art that has been in the basement for many many years.  Each floor was a time period of modern art.  What was amazing is the artists that were shown and when the Whitney purchased them.  This museum has been true to their mission of collecting emerging modern artists.  Great vision from many curators who were responsible for buying each of these pieces of art.  Worth the trip to see the show.

Next, we drove back downtown to the Soho House where our friends belong.  What a trip.  We sat upstairs by the pool, lounged and drank.  The scene is more Los Angeles than New York.  Lots of good looking buffed people in bathing suits lounging and schmoozing.  You can’t help but wonder, as you stare, who are these people.  It was fun.

Our friends decided they were going to go home and relax, not us.  We walked down the street after going home and found a seat at the bar at Babbo.  Delicious, as always.  We split the spicy black squid ink pasta that has peppers, shrimp and other seafood.  All good.  We also split the skirt steak that is served with a spicy salsa.  Perfect for a summer meal.

Afterwards we strolled around Washington Square Park and made our way home.  What a glorious day!

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  1. Shelley (Pink House)

    That sounds like a great day. Next time the hub and I go to the City, I’ll use your blog info for great ideas.

    also, the earlier post about “roots and wings” – I totally agree. I’ve been there, done that and could go on forever about it. But you’ll always miss them, but I just accept that as part of the package.