Josh Rouse

Josh_rouse_1We went down to see Josh Rouse at Castle Clinton last week.  Another part of the American Express series of live music around the city.  It is really a wonderful thing that they put on.  Free music, great locations.  There really is nothing quite like sitting outside, in the midst of a small forum that has large buildings looming above listening to live music. 

I had seen Josh Rouse at Town Hall and was sort of bummed after wards.  I love his music.  There hasn’t been a week that has gone by in over a year where I don’t put on some of his music but the concert was a bore.  He made up for it last week.  Perhaps it was the outdoor thing.  Not sure. 

Josh Rouse could be the James Taylor of this generation.  His songs are simple, clever and fun.  I’d love to see him at a large outdoor forum like Summer Stage.  Maybe next year?