Lassi is an Indian take-out restaurant on Greenwich right off 10th Street.  There are about 6 stools if you’d prefer to eat in, or just to hang on while you wait for your order.

I have walked by several times and the waifs of Indian food coming out the door makes your mouth water.  What I really like is that every night something different is on the menu.  What does the chef feel like making tonight? 

I was solo last night and staying home.  I’m taking off tomorrow and I wanted to clear my desk of every possible "to do" on the list.  Dinner was calling so I walked over to Lassi to get something to eat.

The chef was chatting with an older Indian couple and who appeared to be one of their mothers.  The chef was so excited and gracious about how much they loved her food.  Authentic and delicious were the 2 words I overheard.  Now, who is to say what type of palette these 3 Indians had but when I walk into a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown and realize I am the only person in there that is Chinese, I take it as a good sign.  So, I believe the analogy works here too.

I couldn’t decide what to order.  Chicken Tandoori over rice or Lamb Meatballs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.  I opted for the latter because the cashier told me it was the chef’s favorite. 

I brought my meal home to eat while I flipped through Vogue.  Not a lot of food but just the right amount.  Delicious firm spicy meatballs served with a curry flavored tomato sauce that was incredibly rich.  The meatballs were in a small round container and the basmati rice was in another.  Good rice – crispy.  I poured one over the other and my meal was ready.  Excellent food. 

On Sunday nights, the nights we generally bicker over where to order in, Lassi is my pick.  Although they will deliver, I’ll just call my order in and walk down the street.  The aromas are just too enticing to not sit there and enjoy.