New Gadget

Cherry_pickerMy collection of kitchen gadgets has grown over the years.  Actually, everything in the kitchen gets accumulated because I needed a special plate for a dinner party or a certain pot or a particular baking pan.  My latest "need" was a cherry pitter.  What a fantastic gadget.  Just stick in the cherry, push down, out comes the pit and voila.  Now that I have the pitter, I am thinking perhaps cherry pie?

Comments (Archived):

  1. OTC

    One of the oddest, yet most useful kitchen gadgets I’ve picked up recently is the OXO Mango Splitter, simply amazing and worth the $12 if you eat more than a few mangos a year. So far, it hasn’t met a mango it can’t split perfectly.

  2. Susan Reynolds

    Aren’t you dying to know what else these babies can do? I’d be tempted to experiment popping all sorts of things into the pitters – starting with olives. It’s a beautifully simple design isn’t it?