Sany0005I have been on the look for a new sushi restaurant downtown.  Yesterday I met my friend for lunch there, her pick.  Ono, in the Gansevoort Hotel, is a find. 

When I first walked in, I was a bit taken back.  I immediately took a picture.  The sushi bar looks as if huge pieces of hamachi are stacked up behind the glass.  Sort of like a hunk of meat.  It turns out that it isn’t fish but ice.  We both laughed when we saw it but we’re relieved when we found it was ice not fish we were eating.

The restaurant is clean, simple and airy.  Outside is a bar that has heat lamps so even late into the Fall season you can be outdoors.  A nice vibe.  I really didn’t feel like I was inside a hotel.  The restaurant is on the ground floor to the left of the lobby.

Everything coming out of the kitchen looked delicious.  We went with the sushi.  A bit confusing on how how to order the sushi.  We asked.  We both opted for the sushi plate.  Each day they change what is on that plate so ask regardless. 

Pieces of sushi that each have a different concoction on top of them to create a different taste sensation.  Think Nobu’s appetizers, sushi style.  For instance, a piece of mackerel had a horizontal piece of brown gel on it that was made with soy sauce and ginger.  The gel is the "in" food from Spain.  Hamachi had a spicy type sauce on it with a small taro chip.  Each piece had something different, beautifully presented and really worked.  The plate also came with a spicy tuna roll.  Generally not my favorite but this was really good.  The sushi is fresh and very flavorful.

There are also noodles, dumplings, different grilled food on sticks with combinations of sauces, salads, etc.  Good for sharing or not. 

A must go back to.  Not cheap but delicious!