SchillersI have made the rounds to Balthazaar, Pastis and Schiller’s.  We were at Balthazaar a few weeks ago and had a really good meal.  Pastis, where I have done mostly lunch, is always good.  Why is it every time I go to Schiller’s the food is mediocre at best?  Maybe Keith McNally doesn’t think the food is as important as the vibe in that neighborhood.  I am not sure what it is.

We had dinner there a few nights ago.  My mistake.  We should have opted for a variety of other new places in the area that would have been fun to try.  We just happened to see Schillers and I guess we knew what we were in for.  I just didn’t think the food would be so bad.

Burgers is what everyone ordered but no body really was intent on finishing their meal.  Not a good sign.  I opted for a pounded grilled chicken over a salad.  Not tough.  The chicken was over seasoned (with what I am not sure ) and the salad was old and the sauce was way too heavy.  Disappointed everywhere.  Also, maybe I am getting too old but I couldn’t hear a thing.  Yikes.

Next time, I’m pulling out my Blackberry and finding somewhere better in the local area. 

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  1. Chris McBride

    These spots aren’t necessarily new but are consistently good.

    Little Giant – the food is fresh/seasonal and the owners present a comfortable, homey vibe.

    Kuma Inn – an oldie but goodie, great small plates and a fun atmosphere for groups

    Chubo – great French/Asian cuisine, probably the most underrated spot on Clinton St.