Scope Hampton

I missed Scope Hampton the last couple of years because it was in South Hampton.  What can I say, driving from Amagansett to South Hampton in the middle of the summer is insane.  But, Wainscott, I can handle that. 

So glad we went.  Galleries that are all about emerging artists.  The galleries were not only from the New York area but also from Europe.  As you roam through each booth, I always find some threads to piece together.  What is happening in the younger art world.  Lots of influences from the East.  Lots of layering, Japanese like designs that create a multi media feel.  As always, I could have walked out with a handful of things.

ShoesI’ll share my few favorites.  Lyos Weir Ort is a gallery on 25th street that I had never been in.  After this show, I will most definitely be going to their space.  I really liked the majority of artists that they represented.  Matt Haffners work were dark but really interesting.  Incredibly prolific.  They also had another artist that I should have taken down the info.  Horizontal black and white paintings of professionals without their heads and shoulders.  You can totally feel the body language from each painting without seeing the heads and shoulders.  Fantastic.  They also were showing an artist who usually doesn’t show with them named Lenny Wilson.  He had made shoes out of a variety of fabrications.  It appealed to my sensibility for good shoes and funny objects.

Boxers_1A woman from Bethesda, who actually doesn’t have a gallery but represents artists was there.  Lots of artists from South America.  I particularly liked the boxes that had different molds of objects with tiny red roses inserted into them.  The painting on the left was of two women boxers that I liked too.  The artist is Ana Patricia Palacios.  The women who represents these artists has a company called Douz and Mille

Sara Nightingale, who I have written about before was there.  Her booth was greatSaras_booth_1.  She has a variety of artists that I think are all terrific.  So terrific that 2 of my friends bought work from her.  Check out the Andy Warhol piece in the picture.  David Gambel is the artist.  We actually bought one of those.

My_favoriteThe one piece I would have liked to have bought is from an artist named Martin Kruck.  I can’t get it out of my head.  The gallery is called Metaphor located in Brooklyn.  Beautiful almost serene pictures of the open sky with the back of children’s heads digitally altered into the picture.  I particularly like how it is shown and sold with 9 different pieces.  I will be back to check out their gallery too. 

All and all, a wonderful afternoon activity.