Zone Hampton

Zone_hamptonZone Hampton has the best spin classes that I have ever been to, period.  Of course,  I do have my favorite instructors.  It all depends on the music.  Yoga studios will give you information on each type of yoga that a particular instructor teaches.  Spinning studios should tell you what type of music an instructor plays.  If the music isn’t your taste, I find it difficult to focus.  All I want to do is get off the bike and run.  When there is a new instructor that they say is great, my first question is always what type of music do they play?  The answer is usually,  I don’t know but they are really good.  I refuse to take the risk.  It is all about the music.

Marion, who owns Zone Hampton, is an incredible instructor.  Her enthusiasm for each class is contagious.  She gets the whole room pumped.  Most of her music is quite good but sometimes she plays the club stuff which really gets to me after awhile.

Abigail is my favorite.  She also has great energy and her music choice is perfect for me. 

A few years back I found that their musical tastes were pretty cutting edge.  Not so much these days.  Not sure why but at least the sounds remain the same.

If you are into spinning, Zone Hampton is great.  Also, it is truly worth it to see the scene.  It is a scene like no other.  Better than the beach.  There are women there with full on make-up.  Yes, for a spin class.  Others, who are definitely in their mid 40’s are wearing only a work out bra and a tiny pair of shorts.  Their figures are fantastic but..  just my opinion.  There are some people who do 2 classes back to back.  Guess more calories to be consumed that day.

I admit, I tend to stick to myself.  Come in, get on my bike, and wait.  Wait you do because they never start on time.  Regardless of all the side stuff, the classes are excellent.

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  1. michelle M

    there is a new instructor now that is absolutlely amazing. Her name is HOlly…you wont believe it…never been more motivated in my life…..