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Last night the phone rang and the woman on the line asked to speak to the woman of the house.  I admit I was a bit terse because I find solicitations to be an incredible imposition.  She assured me that this was not a sales call or a solicitation. She was from the Dove Foundation.  D – O – V – E.   She only needed 90 seconds of my time.  I figured, what the hell.  It is only 90 seconds. 

She began a diatribe about how the movies made these days are completely inappropriate for children.  The films made for the movies and TV were not for family values.  The films that are deemed for youngsters and teens were filled with sex and violence.  The rating system is lax and should be enforced more strongly and wouldn’t I agree?  I said "No, I don’t agree".  I could have gone into my rant about the Internet and how users are making content and perhaps they should look at where the world is going and let parents raise their own children but I bit my tongue.  She seemed like she was programmed. 

You would have thought she’d stop after I said no.  But, no, she continued on.  Hollywood executives won’t even look at scripts that are about family values.  Don’t you think we should put a stop to that?  At this point, I basically said to her, I don’t agree with anything that you are talking about so I suggest we end this conversation and I basically hung up.  Phone call might have ended but I wasn’t done.

First of all, her phone number is now permanently logged in my phone.  I immediately went to the Internet and looked it up.  I found 2 interesting sites.  One is from a site called Family First that essentially has plenty of people posting the same story as mine.  Most are actually worse because of the persistence of the phone calls.  On the site someone suggested making a formal complaint with the state of Michigan since this foundation is up for review.  I clicked through and filed out a complaint.  Personally, the Christian Right Wing Family Values that this organization is pushing I find completely offensive.  Of course that isn’t what I said in the complaint but just basically told my story and gave them the links.

But who is behind the Dove Foundation?  The website appears to be using the Dove soaps logo but I am still not convinced it is part of Unilever.  Perhaps if they knew, they’d be furious. The Dove Foundations mission is, "to
encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption
of wholesome family entertainment. BTW, and who is the judge of what wholesome family entertainment is?  Below are the officers and people behind the organzation.  I can’t help but post their names at the end of this post.  It is actually interesting.  Note the producer of XMen.  Yeah, that was a real family values film.  Totally non-violent..right?

It is absolutely disgusting that a foundation, who thinks they are supposedly doing good work, would buy lists to solicit and preach to people on the phone.  Telemarketers are bad enough but this is the worst.  Soon we will all be hearing from the local Parish down the street.  Foundations like this is just another example of how the Christian Right have left a very bad taste in my mouth. 

The People involved in the organization:

The Officers:

K. Rolfe
– (Founder & Chairman) Vice President, Mastermedia
Dar Vander Ark – (Secretary/Treasurer) Executive Director, MDAC

The Directors:

Robert Bratt – Producer, Consultant
Keith Lang
– Executive Director, Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers, Inc.
Ronald J. Lubbers
– President, R.J. Lubbers & Co.
Janis Petrini
– Co-owner, Express Personnel Services
Gordon Toering – Attorney, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

The Advisory Board:

– President & COO, Promenade Pictures
– CEO, 1019 Entertainment

Robert J. Campbell, Jr.
– Chairman, Alpha Omega Publications
T. Cook
Senior V.P. Investments; Senior Institutional Consultant,
Citigroup Consulting Group/Smith Barney

Leslie Dietzman
– President, Berean Christian Stores
– President, Every Tribe Entertainment

Micheal Flaherty
– Co-Founder and President, Walden Media
– Actor, Producer
William Kanaga – Chairman retired, Arthur Young & Co.; former
Chairman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
– Two time Academy Award-winning composer; Broadway Tony
nominee; Producer

Holly McClure
– Radio Host; Film Critic

Michael Medved
–  Film Critic; Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
Dr. Laura Schlessinger – Author; Broadcaster
David Seibert
– Director of New Ventures, LifeWay Christian Resources
– TV Actress; Author; Speaker
– Exec. Producer, TV series "Christy"; Exec. Producer "Amazing
Grace: The Story of William Wilberforce"

Patricia A. Warner
– Associate Hospital Director Univ. of Michigan
Hospitals and Health Center
B.J. Weber
– President, New York Fellowship
– Actress; Author

Martha Williamson –

Executive Producer, “Touched by an Angel.”

– Producer, "X-Men" and "X2: X-Men United"

The Staff:

Dave Lukens – Executive Director
Scott Rolfe – Communications Director
Donna Rolfe – Executive Assistant
Julie Kemme – Executive Assistant
Edwin L. Carpenter – Associate Editor

Quotes from a few friends:

  • Steve
    (deceased), comedian, author, composer and former "Tonight
    Show" host
    "There is no doubt that our entire culture is experiencing a moral
    breakdown. People can get more family-friendly movies on film and
    television by supporting the Dove Foundation."
  • Cardinal Roger Mahony,
    Archbishop of Los Angeles
    "I hope more video outlets and distributors will utilize the Dove Seal
    so that the film industry and parents can form a partnership promoting
    wholesome entertainment for the families."
  • Dean Jones, actor / producer
    "We need a national conscience telling those of us in Hollywood where
    the boundaries of decency are to be set. People should look for the Dove
    Seal on videos whenever they rent or buy them. It means they won’t find
    any unsavory surprises."
  • Michael Medved, film critic,
    author of "Hollywood vs. America", radio talk show host
    "Hollywood is assaulting the fundamental cherished values that most
    Americans hold dear. This is particularly evident in their hostility
    toward the traditional family. The Dove Seal is a very welcome friend of
    the family, guiding parents to the kind of wholesome entertainment that
    so many of us are longing for."
  • Lisa Whelchel, actress
    "For good or bad, movies definitely effect the way we think and act. The
    Dove Foundation is helping families everywhere select films that are
    safe for family viewing."
  • Ken Wales, executive producer
    film & television
    "Films send a message and I believe they have been sending the wrong
    message. Films and television both reflect and influence morals in our
    society. We need more parental choice in entertainment. People should
    ask for movies with the Dove Seal at their video stores."
  • Ralph Winter, producer, X-Men,
    X2: X-Men United
    “The Dove Foundation performs a valuable service for those of us working
    in Hollywood. They dig for the facts and show us trends for reaching the
    values-based audiences that are under-served. Dove’s findings are
    regularly referred to by producers seeking financing for values-based
  • Jeff Yordy, VP of marketing,
    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
    “The Dove Foundation, through its clear vision, leadership, and
    understanding of the American family, has established itself as a
    valuable resource for consumers seeking quality entertainment and
    programming that’s suitable for their entire household. The strategic
    partnership between Twentieth Century Fox and The Dove Foundation has
    already begun to change the way Fox Home Entertainment markets and
    promotes family-friendly films, and we expect that trend to continue
    well into the future.”
  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger, author
    and broadcaster
    "Three cheers for The Dove Foundation, whose tireless efforts in favor
    of high-quality, ‘clean’ entertainment are benefiting us all."

Comments (Archived):

  1. Mark Frisk

    Wow. I agree that that is outrageous behavior on the part of this foundation. Good for you for filing a complaint.

    However, that is not the Unilever Dove logo on their site. There’s no way that this outfit is affiliated with Unilever.

    I wonder how many people are confused about this (lack of) connection and what Unilever might have to say about it…

  2. Ted


    Slightly off topic, but related:

    Something that is not widely known is that ground zero in the Christian Right movement is right here in my homestate of Michigan. The West coast of Michigan (in particular Grand Rapids) is the epicenter. It is interesting that the perception is that it is purely a Southern concept. However Michigan has oodles of publishers, radio station conglomerates, “think tanks” and universities that indoctrinate people in this quasi-facsist approach. We even have an entire law school with a mission to destroy Roe v. Wade (Ave Maria- very well funded by founder of Dominos Pizza). Now we have a Republican candidate, Dick DeVos, son of Amway founder, who is running for Governor. He is pushing school vouchers, restriction on abortion similar to those in North Dakota, gay marriage ban proposals, etc. His wife, Betsy, was former Michigan Republican Party chair they were the number one individual doners to the GWB campaigns. Unfortunately, he is leading our incumbant Governor, Jennifer Granholm, by a signficant margin in the polls. It is very scary should he be elected. I would strongly encourage those progressives who live in states where the progressive candidate is a shoe-in (like NY) to aid Granholm. This race is widely overlooked nationally.

    Just to give you some semblance of their zeal, several of the counties near Grand Rapids are still “dry” counties. They want to live this idyllic life that never actually existed (as was depicted in Pleasantville). Very scary stuff.

  3. Naomi

    These people are nothing if not persistant. And programmed, it seems, to ignore your response and go on with their own dialogue. Can complaints be sent to Michigan, even when they originate in WA?

  4. Ted

    Sure complaints can be made across state lines. They are calling from Michigan, thus the Michigan AG’s office does have jurisdiction (the requisite minimal contacts have been met) over such matters.

    I will reiterate the importance of Michigan in the national scope. We still are a blue state, however with the powerful DeVos family in the Governor’s mansion, their power will grow exponentially. Michigan is no longer solid blue, hence it is very conceivable that this election could be detrimental for the 2008 campaign. I am worried that Michigan will end up the new Ohio. Because much of the Christian Right political muscle is based here (one example is the publication “our daily bread” sent out to millions around the globe), we could see this delicate Democratic majority disappear. I think that Democrats and progressives need to chose where to spend thier finite resources wisely.

    By the way, thank you for bringing this practice up on your blog. It is important that we all do that. I have received such calls and I just stewed and brewed whereas you did something… you blogged about it. Great work. Keep up the good fight.

  5. Tams

    Go Dove! What is on TV these days is sickening. I am heartened by the fact that there are still people out there willing to take a stand against the evil in this world. As a great statesman, Edmund Burke, once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  6. jerry lasquit

    the young lady house sittig for my wife and i just had such a conversation.after telling tammy from dove that the lady/man of the house was unavailable,they insisted
    x3 saying she(sitter) did not understand what she(dove) was saying.sitters reply:good-bye……

  7. gail

    actually i work for the fff who gets their numbers i belive untruthfully from the dove foundation..i belive the whole thing is a scam but you have to understand you either by the movies or not..they are good family movies with good values knowing it s a profit company..or dont buy them be wise comsumer ..and relize nathen is only a person trying to feed his family on the other end of the line so treat him with some respect..thanks

  8. EJ

    ThanksGotham Gal
    I get this DOVE foundations calling all the time ON my ID CALLER ….. I am On a DONT NOT CALL LIST but that has not stopped them. I will not answer a call of this type. If they dont want to see a movie with foul language nudity etc then dont go. its as simple as that. And if there is actors and such on their list that promote them then they can convince HOLLYWOOD to make two versions of a movie like the rappers and such do with some of their music they make a second cut that can be played on main frame radio..
    BUT if u dont like the foul version of a movie that u really have to see then there is a few companies out there that bootleg the orginal and cut out bad words or delete scenes of nudity…..
    BUT if this FAMILY foundation only knew they had gotten a hold of nasty old me as a lesbian they consider me bad for family values ………
    BUT if they watch the movie or what not with their child to explain things to kids then show their kids true family values ….. I see too many of these so called family values they really show their kids I see priests that say its agianst GOD to be a gay person YET priests are fondling and raping little boys and children …. baptist preachers say dont conventant thy neighbors wife WHILE THEY ARE MARRIED and boinkin the married secretary in the parking lot HMMMM …..
    ITS up to the parent to find out about the movie and to then figure out if its OK for their kids……. My ex, her mother would not allow the grandkids (ages 9to15) to see Harry potter because she believes its all about witches and thats against the bible teachings WHATEVER in my opinion… i loved it and why is it every kid is reading some 300 to 600 page books its cool books and cooler movies …….. instead of calling a nation of people to change their hollywood why not LISA WHELCHEL and DEAN JONES talk to their peers and get people like DISNEY and such make cleaner versions of kids movies.
    BUT if u dont like what a movie or tv show contains then grab ur remote or get off ur BUTT and turn off the tv (thats what I do!!!!) …. OR get ur kids outside and active in sports or music ….. TOSS out the tv, get the family game boards and play game with ur kids….. ITS up to u to monitor what ur kids watch!!!! SO if ur too busy to do that, dont look at me to do it for u…….
    SO THANKS Gotham Gal for the heads up on what this foundation is up to….

  9. CRS

    Check out the article on Wikipedia for more information on the Dove Foundation, for example that their activities have been found illegal in at least one state.

  10. CD

    Just got the phone call and happened to be sitting at my computer. When the woman caller completely disregarded my first response, “No. I do not think I don’t have control” ,I got suspicious and googled Dove Foundation and came up w/ this site. It’s not that I like Hollywood movies or what’s on TV. It pretty much all stinks and very little has thought-provoking educational value. However, I read as fast as I could while she rambled on. All I needed to read was Chrisitan Right. I asked her to put me on the no-call list. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous

    FYI – the woman’s voice was a recording (it’s a very sophisticated system) and they refer you to another corporation which is actually selling you family movies via phone. This time it’s a males voice and again, it’s a highly sophisticated phone system.

  12. melissa

    I also got that phone call and the person on the phone was quite rude but also sounded like a computer I would really like to know what on earth it is.