Inlet Seafood Restaraunt

MontaukThe Food Section of the New York Times on Wednesday is one of my favorite sections.  Last week they wrote about a restaurant in Montauk that I had never heard of, Inlet Seafood Restaurant

I loved the concept. 6 local Fisherman who supply most of New York and the Hamptons opened up their own place with the catch of the day.  I was game so we drove out.  It is a bit of a schlep.  From Amagansett is takes almost 25 minutes to get there.  Past Montauk Downs and left on East Lake Drive but way down the road.  The setting is beautiful.  That is one of the most incredible things about the Hamptons.  You can venture into areas that you didn’t even know existed and are always struck by the beauty.

The restaurant is fairly new.  It has that new smell when you walk in.  Seating is upstairs, inside and out, so you can look over the harbor.  Acoustically they could have done a better job.  The noise is a bit deafening inside.  Lots of families but lots of couples too.  It was really hot so we sat indoors but I’d prefer to sit outside next time.  More views, less noise.  Keep in mind, no reservations too.

The menu is good.  Something for everyone.  There are about 5 sushi options on the menu.  All fresh fish probably caught that day.  We tried the California roll that had real blue crab and warm rice.  Quite good.  The other things coming from the sushi area looked really good too.  A must try next time. 

There are pork chops, pastas, burgers, etc.  We went for the fish of the day, of course.  Large piece of grilled striped bass alongside grilled asparagus and a small salsa of red peppers.  All good and simple.  Low fat too.  No butter drenched on top of the fish.  I really liked that.  Everyone around us seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their meals too.

This is a definite return to.  When the kids come back from camp we’ll make the journey.  Stop by the local place in Montauk for ice cream on the way back to Amagansett.  I’m looking forward to returning so I can taste more of the dishes.  The good news is that Inlet Seafood is open all year.

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  1. Lisa Baldwin

    A friend and I ate there on Saturday night. Food was great! We ate scallops and shrimp + the tuna dynamite sticks and cheesecake. Everything delicious and seafood not overcooked. Service was a bit slow though..

    buen provecho!