Jean Pagliuso

ChickenThe Drawing Room is one of the galleries in East Hampton.  It is located to the right behind Henry Lehr.  I have never understood the concept of appointment only galleries, but I guess it works.  There are always interesting exhibits in there but I generally get a view by peaking in the window.  The appointment only thing just throws me off.  Sort of says, if you make an appointment, you better be buying because we had to send someone over there to open the door for you. 

Last night, Jean Pagliuso, our friend, had an exhibit at the Drawing Room, so it was opened for viewing.  I actually got to walk in to the place.

Jean grew up in California and her father raised chickens.  I am not sure that is the only thing he did but it obviously made an impact on her.  The photos are of different chickens.  They are very cool.  She captures each chicken.  Their face, their look, prettyChicken_2 interesting.  I like how she used black and white film and a process that makes the photos look old.  Although I am not sure how she got them to stand still. 

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  1. ellen

    I am not thrilled with pictures of chickens, but your post was very timely. My friend has a son about to enter medical school. For his senior year project last year, he was to fertilize chicken eggs etc. At the end of the project he was to destroy the eggs. Well, he didn’t. He took them to his frat house and kept warming lights on them until the eggs were hatched. Since he was in college, what do most kids do, they bring their stuff home to their parents. My friend Alan and his wife ended up with 9 baby chicks in their garage for two weeks. Alan found a home in Sherbourne Ma at a farm for them, since we are not zoned for farmyard animals in Newton.

    To commerate the event he bought a chicken painting done in oil, so there are times when a chicken picture can be very timely.

  2. guy white

    Hi there – just came across this via the power of Google. I’m trying to find a contact email for Jean Pagliuso. It’s in connection with an exhibition of photographs by the late Art Kane that I am hosting at my gallery in England. I understand that Jean knew Art Kane well, and I’m trying to find people who knew him. Art’s son Jonathan gave me Jean’s name. Any idea how i can contact her?

    Best regards
    Guy White