Old Stove Pub

Old_stoveIf you have traveled on Route 27, east bound, you couldn’t have missed the sign that says "When you are sick of the Chic, come eat with the Greek".  It is pretty hilarious if you have spent anytime in the "chic" Hamptons.  It always makes me laugh. 

The restaurant is Old Stove Pub.  37 years and counting and Old Stove Pub has managed to stay in business. Pretty impressive by anyones standards.  If you meet the owner, you’d probably think it was more impressive. 

She is a hoot.  We were sick of the chic so we opted for the Greek in the midst of the heat Thursday night.  Who would have thought there would be no air conditioning there.  When we entered the place it took about a millisecond to feel the heat.  Her answer to no air conditioning…welcome to the country.  Ha! 

We took a table in the back.  Not that we didn’t have our pick of tables.  The wine list is hurting to say the least.  It isn’t so much that she doesn’t  have a some wines to choose from but she doesn’t keep a good supply.  We went through her 2 bottles of rose and then she realized that she was out.  Oh well.  Fascinating. 

The waiter is just as whatever as her.  My guess he is in the back cooking in between waiting on theCraig_1 tables.  Glasses weren’t exactly coming quickly with the wine so our friend just opted for going in the back and getting them himself.  She had no problem with that.  Help yourself.  Ordering 2 vodkas was a bit trickier.  So, our friend decided he would make them for himself and Fred.  She wasn’t too thrilled with that one but in the end, she was probably happy that someone else did the work.  The picture on the right is of our friend bartending. 

We wanted more ice but unfortunately they were low.  So now you are probably wondering how has she stayed open 37 years.  Perhaps it is the quality of steak and lamb chops.  Perhaps it is the experience being so different from anything you have ever experienced in a restaurant.  Maybe a combo? 

We started with Greek salads for all to split.  Good feta, decent simple salad dressing.  We also had the melted cheese from Greece with warm pitas.  Really delicious.  For dinner we all had something a bit different and everything was good.  Someone had the shrimp, feta and tomato sauce dish baked in a casserole.  Really good.  Someone else has the salmon, cooked just like she liked it.  Three people had steaks which were also perfectly cooked with butter on top.  I had the lamb chops but no butter please.  They were excellent.  We also had plates of sauteed spinach on the side that was quite good.  Ice cream sundaes with globs of chocolate for dessert.  Not bad. 

Our company was great and the whole experience was memorable.  The last time I was there was probably 3 years ago.  It might take me another 3 to get back but that’s ok.  It is one of those places that you can’t help but be drawn back every few years. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Colin McCabe

    OSP is one of my favorites. Coula is a trip. Love seeing it reviewed. A spot on review too, in my opinion.

  2. Kelly

    Hi. I’m collecting some information on the Old Stove Pub. I’d love to hear from more of you if you have stories to share.-Kelly

  3. Rich

    Ah the memories, as a college student in the early 1980’s I worked for the family for many years in their restaurant. It was a blast and I have to say the food was always fresh and the kitchen was clean. Ive been gone for many year and have since heard that Steven (Coula’s brother has passed). To the experience and to the family I say OPA!

  4. Rob

    Is OSP still open. It has been closed all winter and I’m bumming! Please Please Coula – reopen the Stove