Sumo Chair

Chairs_2Fred got an email from Andy at Sumo chair.  Would we be interested in checking out the chair and writing about it?  Sure.  Why not.

The chair came last week.  It is big and very pink.  The chair also came in a variety of other of colors but I opted for hot pink.  It is like an oversized bean bag chair.  Totally durable.  Not that expensive.  Perfect for a college dorm, a teenagers room, a kids playroom.  The fabric is a tough durable nylon that isn’t the most comfortable but it will certainly last through 4 years of college.  My guess is that by senior year it won’t look much different than it did freshman year. 

Our kids will use it for lounging out and watching TV.  If our kids were still young, I’d consider buying a bunch of them and throw them around the floor.  But, we’re past that stage.