Terrorists at it again

Today is a reminder of how little has been accomplished by the United States Government in the past 5 years. I seriously wonder if we would have had the same success as the British Government did today in discovering the plot to blow up planes en route to the US from Britain.

The Bushies have done nothing to thwart terrorism. If anything, we have provided them a road to create a larger group of terrorists. Sad but true.

The lives that we are living today is exactly what the terrorists wanted. Code Orange in NYC. What exactly does that mean? Or is it Code Red.

On 9/12/01, our entire family got on a subway to go up town to watch a movie in Times Square. Why? Because it is important to own your own town. To not let them win.

So based on that, this is my favorite quote of the day that I read in regards of the plot to blow up the planes going from Britain to New York.

Margaret Gavin, 67, waiting to board a train, said she wasn’t scared. “Why should I change my life because some idiots want to blow something up?” she said.