The Hype Machine

I am so loving the Hype MachineRhapsody is over for me.  Loads of new music that is never on Rhapsody. The site is an audio blog aggregator.  It crawls the web for MP3’s that people are posting.  Some come from MySpace others come from playlists.  Great stuff. 

I found a blog through the site which listed all of his favorite music.  About 50% of it I liked so I printed out his list and have been playing each band I had never heard of all morning looking for new tunes. 

I’m all about the Hype Machine.  Love it!!

Comments (Archived):

  1. Dan Buell

    I looked at The Hype Machine and am obviously going to have to take another look at it. I’m a Napster to Go kind of guy and I couldn’t imagine losing the ability to pull pretty much any song I want out of the air and playing it right then and there. Also, what about playlists for exercising or whatever mood I’m in?

    Also, how legal is this? Isn’t RIIA going to come in and put the breaks on?

    ~ Dan

  2. Andrew

    I too like the Hype Machine, but for me it complements, rather than substitutes for, Rhapsody.

  3. Tim

    I’ve been a big fan of the Hype Machine for a while now, and most of the bands I hear of come from the Hype Machine if I don’t get to see the bands locally or get sent any songs 😉