Bedtime Beats

Newcover_200x200I believe sleep becomes more difficult the older you get.  Why?  I am not sure. 

My friend, who is one of the people behind Bedtime Beats, gave me a few reasons.  Kids have routines.  They take a bath, you read them a book, they go to sleep.  Routines are supposedly very important to a good nights sleep.  Most of us don’t have routines.  One night we go out and drink and eat too much, one night we do email in bed until the wee hours, one night we actually get into bed and read a book but each night is a different scenario.  I believe our sleeping patterns just change the older we get and the more responsibility we have makes for a lot rattling around in our heads while we sleep, thus not exactly a sound sleep.  Answer for some is Ambien, others is just plain old insomnia. 

Bedtime Beats might be something in your future if you need some help sleeping.  People have been really happy with the results. Read the testimonials.  Music that is geared towards sleeping.  Interesting concept.  Worse case scenario is that it doesn’t work and at least you get to listen to some mellow music. 

I haven’t tried it yet or even listened but I do like the concept.  When counting sheep, late night TV, reading another book or Ambien fails to work perhaps Bedtime Beats could be your savior.

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  1. Denise (NJ)

    Hi, my girlfriends and I were just talking about this very subject. Routine sounds logical as well as exercise. Kids exercise..poops them out. As adults we get less of this plus less routine.
    Oddly enough, when I play my stereo loud,…I fall to sleep.!!my husbands laughs, now I have to buy the book for him.