Concert in Washington Square Park

Park_concertYesterday, 9/11/06, was the 5th event put on by September Concert.  They put on free concerts every 9/11 in every major park in NYC.  It is a real wonderful way to acknowledge the day and bring communities together.  NYC came together as a community on 9/12/01 and it would be a shame to lose sight of that.

Our school, LREI, basically puts on the concert in Washington Square Park.  The teachers involved in music do an incredible event.  Both the middle school and high school attended the event from 12:30-2:30 yesterday and participated.  From different bands to poems, etc.  Two of our kids got on stage.

Jessica was involved in leading the park in a rendition of All You Need
is Love by the Beatles, and Josh’s band, The 4 Fellas,  played Rebel, Rebel. 

A wonderful way to remember an awful day. 

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