Restreview051114_400We returned to Cookshop last night.  We happened to be in the neighborhood.  We had gone before and didn’t love it but felt inclined to give it one more shot.  I’d heard good things.  Alas, my gut instinct was right. 

The noise level is quite loud inside.  Right now you can sit outside on the street, which is nice, or inside in the bar area or the restaurant area.  We did the bar. 

The menu is small.  Nothing, I mean nothing grabbed me.  Fred ordered.  We split 3 things.  We began with the special tuna of the night.  Raw tuna, served over a tomato liquid with small succotash of tiny green tomatoes and corn.  The corn concoction was OK and the tomato liquid was bland.  Nothing to write home about.  We also had the squid salad which is on the menu.  Large bodies of squid, grilled mixed with large fingerling potatoes that have been roasted served with greens and a bland vinaigrette.  For the main course we had a whole grilled fish.  This was really good.  Served alongside with spicy fries (not that great ) and a grilled lemon.  Very tasty, well cooked.  Delicious. 

The location is great if you are in that area.  There are only a few places around there that appeal to me.  I would have liked to go check out Tia Pol but Fred wasn’t interested.  Next Chelsea visit, we are definitely eating somewhere else or just hopping on the Vespa to another part of town.