Day 2, ACL

CellistThis had to be the hottest day but we probably saw the most music.  We started off the day with a variety of new bands.  Murder by Death was just amazing because of the woman who played the electric cello.  Totally impressive. 

Then we moved on to see some of my favorite bands. Nada Surf rocked.  I am a huge fan.  I wonder if they have ever played for that many people before?  The crowd loved them.  Then we moved on to TV on the Radio.  These guys rocked.  They are so into their music.  They also put on quite a show.  I’m looking forward to seeing themTv_on_the_radi again in NYC.  The crowd loved them.  This a picture of TV on the Radio and also of the crowd that came to see them play.  Even Nada Surf said at the beginning of their Tv_crowdshow that they were bummed that TV on the Radio was overlapping with them because they wanted to see them too.  Says something. 

Next up, my all time favorite, Ben Kweller.  Poor Ben. He had an awful nose bleed, both nostrils.  He actually asked the audience for a tampon and tried that out.  To no avail.  He ended up only playing 5 songs because he was literally dripping.  Such a drag.  Luckily we have tickets to see him at Webster Hall in NYC in a few weeks.  His last album has had major playtime in this house.  Highly recommended.  Later that night I got Ben_and_chanato meet Ben.  His father taught him how to play drums when he was 7 so he could play along with his Dad.  Pretty cool.  He is a great guy and incredibly humble.  Here is a picture of him, me and my friend Chana.  He talked with us and Fred for awhile and actually sang some songs for us.  I was thrilled.  Do I sound like a groupie?

Next up for us was Aimee Mann.  Wonderful song writer.  Really knows how to play for the audience.  Very engaging. 

Last up, The Raconteurs.  Jack White is a serious rock star. He has not even hit his peak.  We will be hearing from Jack White for a long time.  Very impressive.

Dirty_feet_1My last photo of the day was my feet.  Just to give you an idea of the heat, the dirt, etc.  When I went back to the hotel to take a shower, I got in with my sandals on.  Yikes.