Day 3, ACL

We got a bit of a late start.  Took a cab over to the Magnolia Cafe for a late breakfast.  We were not the only people who thought of this idea so we hung outside and watched it pour. Perhaps the timing was perfect.  By the time we left, the ground had dried up.   The Magnolia served up another good meal.  The specialty in Austin is ginger pancakes.  They didn’t do much for me but the mango pancakes were another story.  Really good.

Got to the festival around 2ish.  We were very lucky in getting 2 backstage passes at any stage for the musicians side.  The sponsor side was treated with royalty.  The musician side was a whole different story.  In essence, you got to stand on the stage if the artist lets you.  It worked once but as the day got busier it was very tough to get the nod to get on stage.  Oh well.  But, we did get on stage for KT Tunsell.  What a treat. 

KtKT Tunsell rocks.  Her first album that was released in the states this past spring doesn’t have a bad song on it.  She is a very cool chick.  She’s got the look, the voice, she puts on a great show, chats with the audience.  All and all, my friend and I decided when we grow up we want to be just like KT.

Matt Costa was a new band we saw.  Listening to him right now on Rhapsody.  Really liked his sound.   

We got a bite to eat while we waited for the next event.  The food was good but not great like it is at Jazzfest in New Orleans.  Tried some ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and aFood_2 bratwurst over the course of 3 days.  The barbecue is from Salt Lick BBQ which you can actually buy online and have delivered to your door.  The Best Wurst is where we got the bratwurst.  Never did get to try Amy’s Ice Cream.  Alas. 

Next, Flaming Lips.  They just rock.  Unbelievable show.  The stage was wild.  Kids dressed up as robots and Santa Claus.  The lead Flaming_lipssinger comes out in a bubble and crawls over the audience in it.  He really got the audience going and singing to his songs.  Political too.  I really really want to see these guys in concert again when they come to NYC.  Been listening to them for so many years but that was the first time we saw them live.

We were so packed in we decided to stay for the final performance of the evening.  Tom Petty.  About half an hour before began the sky started to show signs of lightening.  So, we moved to the side just in case we needed a fast exit.  Tom comes on at 8:30 and our friend says "ladies and gentlemen, there is a rock star in the house".  Exactly.  Tom Petty’s best songs have been his biggest hits.  It doesn’t always work like that.  5 songs in the sky is starting to freak us out.  Hey, we are in a huge field.  So, we decide to go.  It gets a bit scary on the way out.  People are shoving.  We’re holding on to each other’s hands.  I am thinking about stampedes.  Eventually we make our way out the the sky opens up.  Kinda scary. 

We found another bicyclist to take us back.  Driving through hordes of people walking back.  Felt like we were on a movie set.  Ended up at some not so great Mexican restaurant at around 1030 for margaritas and a bite.  All and all a fantastic weekend.  I would  have liked to do a bit more exploring around Austin.  We did check out a gallery one morning, D Berman Gallery,  and walked from UT to the festival but there is much more to see.  I’ll definitely be back.