Fall Openings

Is00There is a buzz in the air.  Fall marks the season for new beginnings, at least in New York City.  New movies, new theater, new restaurants, new museum exhibits and of course all of the gallery owners have returned.

The streets were packed in Chelsea last night.  People were strolling from one new exhibit to the next.  You could sense that things were happening.   

We were in Chelsea last night to see the latest works of Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Goff and Rosenthal.  Not only is Isca talented she is a doll.   She is one of those girls that have the whole package.  Smart, cute, talented and grounded.  You can’t help but feel drawn to her.  She was so excited last night that you’d think that she never had a show before.  Not only has she had a show she has had many shows. The majority of her work actually sells out before her shows even open.  Very impressive.

Her work over the last few years has been based on a group of pictures she found at a rummage sale.  Old family photos.  Isca has taken these images and blown them up, puts them on canvas which is layered into small square pieces and then paints the images.  I am probably not doing the process justice but I do know it is time consuming. Her images in the past have been more surreal almost retro looking.  I found her new look to be more abstract and bolder.  I particularly liked the few watercolors that she did of these images in the back room. 

Isca is married to an artist, Sebastian Blanck.  Although last night was her night, I can’t help but mention Sebastian.  We are have been fortunate enough to meet these two a few years back and collect a piece of each of their work.  Hopefully more in the future.  Actually, definitely more in the future. He is also talented, artistically and musically.  The two of them are a great combo. 

We only hit up Isca’s show last night but I plan on going back to Chelsea in the next few weeks to check out the latest and greatest that is up on the walls of the emerging art galleries.