Old Joy

OldjoykinoposterOld Joy, an indie film, won awards at a variety of film festivals this past year.  Now it is being touted, critically acclaimed, in NYC as the film to see.  So, we went and we saw. 

The film is only 76 minutes.  A bonus.  The cinema photography is absolutely beautiful.  The colors are vivid, and since the majority of the film takes place in the mountains of Oregon, the film is beautiful to watch.  I think that is what stuck with me.

Very minimalistic plot.  Two friends, who were pals when they were 16, reunite and go on a 2 day camping trip.  One of them is married whose wife looks as if she is about to give birth any minute, the other has never found himself and has sort of rambled around the past 15 odd years. 

They embark on a journey to a special place that the slacker has been to.  They don’t find it the first night and end up sleeping in a garbage strewn field but the next morning they find the location.  A beautiful water spot where you can lie in baths and enjoy the warm springs.  Once they have finished, they go home and part ways.  I’d say about 200 words are spoken through out the film to each other.  OK, maybe a few more. 

In the car, NPR is always on the radio, discussing the demise of the Bush administration.  The point?

What does this all mean?  What exactly are the film makers trying to say to the audience?  Friends change, people part, life takes different turns?  Hmm.  Not sure.  Maybe I am too pedestrian to get it.  Although when leaving the film I brought up these points to Fred and the guy next to me just laughed and said one word, BORING!

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  1. erin

    GG, i would love to know what you thought of the movie Keane. we watched it last weekend and while it was different, to me it was boring and somewhat preposterous.


  2. Cathy S.

    I love indie films too. Can’t wait for the Hamptons Film Festival to begin. Do you go? This will be our 7th year. We’re now a group of 20!

  3. Scotty The Body

    My good friend Robin from Portland played the waitress in this flick! I haven’t seen it, but she had a good time. She also did the catering — a real powerhouse performance.