The Drowsy Chaperone

Dcwallpaperjanerobertsthu_2The big hit of last year was The Drowsy Chaperone.  Our good friend called me right after seeing this play and said "This is a must see.  Buy the tickets before the Tony’s because The Drowsy Chaperone will sweep".  He was right.  I’m glad I bought the tickets for the fall that night. 

Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of musicals.  I know that I should just go with the flow, enjoy the music and turn off the world for 2-3 hours but I can’t.  I truly prefer thought provoking, well acted theater. 

The Drowsy Chaperone actually opens with the narrator (the guy who also wrote the play) telling you what he likes and dislikes about the theater and certainly why he likes musicals.  It was much appreciated.  Gave me some insight and a few good chuckles.

The play is a play within a play.  The narrator, played by Bob Martin( who is fantastic and the best thing about the entire production ), begins to tell us of his favorite afternoon activity which is losing himself in a musical.  Listening to old LP’s on his stereo, closing his eyes and envisioning the show.  This is precisely what he does but the show happens to take place in his apartment.  We get to see the show as he describes the scenes he loves or the scenes he hates.  It is very clever when the album gets a skip and the cast continues to repeat their lines over and over again.  In essence, a musical within a comedy.  Very very clever.

I didn’t love it but I liked the creativity of the play.  A new musical but with a twist.  It is good for any age except kids under 10.  Josh has a soccer game so he passed but Jessica and Emily thought it was clever.  They also felt that Bob Martin was the best thing about the play. The audience absolutely loved it.  The Marquis Theater has good leg space for a theater which is a bonus.  Located in the Marriott Marquis is kind of strange getting in and out.  I felt like I wasn’t in the city but at a convention hall. 

Regardless, if you like musicals, this would be the show to see.