Time for a new look

Fall is all about new and change especially when it comes to the fashion scene.  I grew up doing the big shop for new fall clothes.  We poured through the September magazines to see what the look was going to be.  Vogue, Elle, W, Bazaar.  I guarantee you that I have read almost every Fall magazine this year including of course the ones for food – Food & Wine, Gourmet and Bon Appetit.  I am a magazine junky.  I love all the useless information for your head but fashion is absolutely not useless.  At 85, my grandmother was still reading Vogue and keeping up on the latest fashions.  Inbred?

We hit the city full force the last few days.  Our success rate was unusually high.  All downtown.  There are plenty of new funky stores.  It is all cyclical.  Restaurants were big now they are returning to small.  Big stores now small stores with new young designers.  Each carry different lines.  There is always a little crossover but as a whole these stores are doing a great job with their selection.

Here is where we went.

Project 234   Two locations.  159 7th Ave and 234 Mulberry Street.  Funky hipster clothes.  Great shoes.

Irma  Bleeker Street between Perry and Charles (I think).  Groovy hipster clothes.  Great buyer.

Brunello Cucinelli  379 Bleeker.  Gorgeous and expensive Italian clothing for men and women.  Classic with an edge. 

Verve   Two stores on Bleeker around West 10th.  One all handbags and accessories, the other shoes and accessories.  You will be hard pressed to see their selection anywhere else. 

Starstruck  47 Greenwich Avenue.  Vintage t-shirts, jeans, jackets etc.  T-shirts galore.

Intermix  Bleeker Street and others around the city.  Used to be a big fan when they first opened.  Now you really see yourself coming and going but they do a good job of staying on top of the fashions.  Their price points get higher every year.

Charlotte Ronson  239 Mulberry Street  Sweaters, tops, shoes.  Young designer.  Cool shapes and designs

Dernier Cri  Washington Street near 14th Street.  One of my all time favorites.  Hip designers, funky jewelry.  Been around a while and they get better every year.

Girlshop  819 Washington.  Started out as an online store.  I remember talking with Laura who started this a few times at the beginning.  Great girl.  She has built quite a biz.  Impressive.  Store has a good mix of new stuff.  There is also a guyshop on line. 

Esthete.  416 West 14th Street.  High end designers that are cutting edge and funky.  One of my new favorites.  $$.

Zachary Smile.  Greenwich Avenue.  Originally a vintage store.  Still is but they also make stuff for retail stores such as Barneys that are knock offs of old vintage styles.  Niche biz.

Atrium  Broadway and Bleeker.  A little bit too trendy for us.  The mens stuff in front is the best part of the store.

Caravan  2 Great Jones.  Started out as a clever idea by taking a caravan around the city in specific locations with their merchandise.  They have now opened up a retail space. 

Marc Jacobs  Bleeker Street.  Always a little overwhelming on the weekends, prefer the weeks.  He has done an incredible job with his lower priced line. 

Castor and Pollux  238 West 10th Street.  One of my new favs.  High end, a bit more classic but funky at the same time.  Good style.

Mick Margo.  19 Commerce Street.  Different designers.  Some from overseas.  Smart buyer.  Great shop.

Addict.  West 12th between 5th and University.  Am I in Fred Segal?  Mostly funky high end casual clothes.

Barneys Coop
116 Wooster Street.  I have been a Barneys shopper for years.  Have been disappointed in the last few.  This year I was impressed with the coop where I haven’t shopped in years.  Only been going to 61st and doing the 2-6 floors.  The denim selection is top.  Worth rechecking out if you had given up.

Urban Outfitters
  374 Sixth Avenue.  One of the more manageable of their stores.  Good t-shirt selection and Levis for young teen boys.  Good filler.

That is it.  Our shopping extravaganza.  I’m exhausted just reliving it.  If you are in the West Village/Soho area, check it out.