Biglogo_white2We had dinner at Babbo this past Friday night with four other couples who got together and bid on a Mario dinner from our kids school.  As always, the dinner was spectacular. 

There is a new area in the basement of Babbo that is fantastic.  A large wine cellar where we had drinks that is perfect for an intimate dinner party.  The wine cellar is stocked to the brim.  There is something very sexy about hanging out in a wine cellar. Next to the wine cellar is a small bricked room that can seat comfortably about 16 people tops.  On one end is a glass window that peeks into the salamis, prosciutto’s etc curing.  Very cool.  I felt like we were somewhere in Italy.  Wonderful space.

I will share what we had for dinner.  The portions were small and the wine was large.  Gives you can idea of what we were all like by the end of the meal.

We began with Babbo Bellini’s and slices of different meats in the wine cellar.  We then moved to the sit down dinner.  First course, Matsuake mushrooms sliced carpaccio style served over Stracchino cheese with a red mustard and shaved white truffles.  This course was served with a Franciacorta Brut.  The bubbly.  Delicious and light.

Second course was a Babbo classic.  Pumpkin raviolis served with butter and sage and more white truffles shaved over the top.  This was served with a Tocai Plus.  A very rich white wine.

Third course.  Pappardella with sliced chanterelles and thyme.  Rich and delicious.  Mario is the king of pasta.  They served this with a Flaccianello Della Pieve…rich red wine.

Fourth Course.  Duck Tortelli.  Roasted duck served in pasta.  Rich and tasty.  Again, Mario’s signature of braised meat.  Serve this with a classic Barbera you can’t go wrong.

Fifth Course.  This was excellent.  Grilled Guinea Hen which was crispy and juicy and served over a Spaghetti Squash and a Black Truffle Vinaigrette.  This was served with a Gaja.  I loved this dish. 

Sixth Course.  Coach Farm’s rich milky goat cheese served with a fennel honey.  Wow.  This was served with a Batar…I believe white but at this point I wasn’t paying much attention.

Seventh Course.  Deep fried Ricotta served with an Apple Mostarda.  I think they served the Eight Course at the same time which was a milk chocolate panna cotta.  I remember that everyone was eating off of everybody’s dessert plates.  We had a delicious Dessert wine too. 

The meal started at 7pm  and we rolled out around midnight.  It was absolutely divine.  The portions were small which was nice.  Nobody was full from the food just from the wine.  Mario has the touch.  Babbo is still one of my all time favorites not only the food but the service, the music, the vibe.  Now you can book the cellar, a wonderful place to have an intimate dinner party with your best friends.